1st Place Adrianne Curry Cycle 1

It is only fitting that the crown goes to the original winner of the show. Can this picture get anymore perfect? Adrianne was such a breath of fresh air! :)

2nd Place Brittany Brower Cycle 4

The Janice look-a-like! She had more personality than every single girl from the past 10 cycles combined. She was so much fun and was never a flat out bitch to anyone. This picture is a perfect ten and she just barely lost the title. 

3rd Place Amanda Swafford Cycle 3

This beauty shot was not even retouched. Her skin is that flawless. Those eyes are piercingly blue. There is nothing wrong with this picture. :) 

4th Place Yoanna House Cycle 3 

Her face is perfectly symmetrical! I think her face is pretty much perfect and this is the photo that helped her win!

5th Place Allison Harvard Cycle 12

This is her last photo on my ranking, but she is one fabulous creature. She embodies a bird perfectly.

6th Place Yaya DaCosta Cycle 3

This picture is a slam dunk. The tarantula terrifies me, but she is just perfection in this photo!

7th Place Amanda Swafford Cycle 3

Cycle 3 started the final 3 CoverGirl trend and Amanda was the first one to shoot ever. & it still reigns as the best campaign shot from the show! She has the most gorgeous eyes I’ve ever seen.

8th Place Danielle Evans Cycle 6

She is serving African Queen realness. Regal is a word that comes to mind. Definitely a stunning photo.